Sunday, February 22, 2009


ok so i lied. and i don't feel like uploading, so... thats enough for nowww.

Monday, February 2, 2009

the month of january(:

ok... it's been awhile. rewinddddd.

January 10th.

i finished my boxers and sowed a scarf in home ec, and realized
that if my dream was ever to be a fashion designer, my sowing skills will need
ALOT more practice.

I spent the night with a friend.

me and my friend Jaidan at her houseee(:

we used the magic of dr.pepper and marshmallows to keep us up till...4 in the mornin!!

next weekendd...

January 17..
our youth group left for a weekend youth rally in arlington called winterfest.
it was awesome. if you can't tell which one's me, look for the guy with a hat and i'm 2 to the left.

next weekend...
Jaidan spent the night at my house friday night.

i'll finiash laterrrrr;)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

moreeee alamobowl.

ok so my last post was extremely long so this'll be shorter with less captions.

some of us in our disgustingggggg barbarian uniforms

mommaaaaaa(: before the game.

i'm the one with my head turned and right next to the sound box.

i told you i was in the front!!!
my leg is up reallll high... ewwww!

so yeah that was the alamobowl:D

Friday, January 2, 2009

VaLeRo AlAmObOwL 2008 :D

Susan, your kids are now on you tube!!!! search Ethan, Peyton, Jack, Lori, or something like that.

ok so i recently got back from performing at the Alamo Bowl and figured it would be an exciting post. so... here it goes.

we left our tiny hometown at 7:50 in the morning, on Saturday December 27th. After a very very long 3 hour drive to San Antonio, we stopped at "The Alamo Cafe". here are a few lovely pics of our time there.

silly girls
this is Lyndee(left) and me waiting on our food.
Lyndee, Alyssa, and me after we ate.
Alamo Cafe Waterfallthis is Alyssa, Leigh Ann, Me, Peyton Walker, and Lyndee
with the Alamo Cafe Sign.

After eating at the lovely Alamo Cafe, our sponsors took us to the Alamo, just to take a few pictures.these are the freshman Belles.
This is me and Leigh Ann she is my best friend.All of the belles(:

We then went to the riverwalk for 30 minutes of shopping. (woot woot?)
It was so much fun. Especially because all these older guys kept flirting with us... mainly old men.. but it was still hilarious. The funniest comment we got was "Hello Ladies, i sure hope yall are 18, cause i want all of you!" and we got several whistles.
We took a bunch of pictures but overall no one had time to buy anything.
me and alyssa at the mall!me with this weird tree branch thing at the river walk.
me and Lyndee at the riverwalk.
Alyssa, Peyton Walker and me on a bridge at the riverwalk.

After the riverwalk, we went to our hotel... the Sheraton Gunter.
We were roomed and then had to get ready for practice.
We got to practice and met our rude, grumpy, flamer of a choreographer named
Michael Schwandt, yes it was confirmed by his assistant choreographer Desiree, he's a flamer.
Michael Schwandt (choreographer) --mean man
Desiree Robbins (assistant)-- nice lady
After 6 hours of practice that day, and 9 hours the next,
everyone was exhausted and ready to go home. We had learned a completely new dance in a day and a half. That night to celebrate practices being over, we went to hard rock cafe. this nice lady made us balloon hats(mine was belle) and then we went back to the hotel anticipating what was to come the next day.
balloon hats!

right before dress rehearsal at 6:30ish in the morning.

The next day we had a three hour dress rehearsal and then went to eat.
We then had the rest of the day off, so the belles went shopping again.
me and emily in our princess cowboy hats(:
me and an indian statue.

we went back to the hotel after shopping and then got ready for the alamobowl!
i was in the second row, windowing the first so it was really nerve-racking for me!

me and alyssa right before we performed!

walking on the field :Dbelles with michael :( and desiree:Di made a ton of new friends these are only a few of them.
Kaitlin (left), Nicole, and me.
They're from Medina, Ohio!
oh and Emily is on the right, she's from b-wood.
she hopped in the picture.

there will be more pictures to come.
but it'll be awhile.
btw, we had AWESOME seats!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

so... i lived up to my promise. i posted.
anyways... tomorrow we don't have school,
cause our middle school is hosting u.i.l. and i'm
going to have to go work the concession stand
tomorrow (that's where more money for our
alamobowl trip is coming from). so yeah. and i'm
thinking i will go with my friend Jaidan (girl) to the
movies(: yeahhh.. sooo... yeah.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Now that i don't have belles practice every single day, i will TRY to keep up with this. (I'm only doing this for you Susan.) well i don't have anything else to say, so i'm not promising, but i will TRY to get on later this week.